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[1.7.10]Magrathea[PvP][8 slots][Open][Magrathea-Pack]


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Magrathea is a new approach to have a long living and modded server with a awesome community. To make the daily life a little more interesting and protective there is towny and with it a completely player-driven economy.

There are several hidden treasures around the overworld as well, which just wait for you to get found.

Magrathea is online 24/7 and requires no application to play on it. The slots are currently set to 8 but can be expand anytime, depending on how much player are playing.

Start playing on Magrathea at: magrathea.nitrado.net:25565

For getting more infos and join our community: http://magrathea.enjin.com/

For playing you need the custom modpack from: http://technicpack.net/modpack/magrathea-pack

Magrathea has several worlds which awaits you:

- Overworld: Keep your own town with towny with full plot protection of all modblocks and no building in the wild.
- Resource World: The name says it all. Mine and collect to your hearts content.
- Nether and End: Like in vanilla, but with some customization.

All worlds except the Overworld will be reset in regular intervals to remain mineable over time.

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