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Will 3.1.3 be pushed to recommended or will there be another release?

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I've managed to fix all server-side issues on my server thanks to this thread, but my players keep complaining about the missing IC2 recipes and I keep getting a lot of failed connection attempts from 3.1.2 clients. Is there talk about reverting everything to 3.1.2, pushing 3.1.3 to recommended, or perhaps releasing a 3.1.4? Or does this information not get leaked? I apologize beforehand if this is one of the many taboo subjects of this forum. I am not asking for an ETA.

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Yeah it would be helpful to know what's actually going to happen with this update, if they are waiting on modders/porters to fix the problems with the updates then my guess is we won't be seeing 3.1.3 stable this side of new year if at all, I wish the technic guys would involve the community a bit more with what's going on :/

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