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[Nether Portal] Is this normal?


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I have a private server for my boys and a few friends. We started the seed and one of my boys decided to make a nether portal before we even had iron armor. Time goes by and we relocate our permanent town 1000 meters away. We built a new portal and went in to the nether. We come out of the nether and we show up at the original portal.

We have now broken all portals and placed World Blocks beside each before doing so. Once both are broken, we made a new one at the desired location at our permanent town. However, when we come out of the new nether portal the game creates another portal in the overworld "near" the original portals location.

Is there anyway to have the game not use the original location and use the new? Is there a rule that once you use a nether portal you will always have to exit the nether at that location no matter where you go in?

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You may have to go further away. Nether Portals connect to nearby ready-made portals, and since a block in the nether is 8x the same distance in the over world, this can mean you have to go a long way.

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This is all very helpful, but I'm still confused as to why the original nether portal in the Overworld rebuilds itself.

Portal A "was" at say 0,0, which we completely destroyed. The entrance to the netherworld is beside the nether temple.

Portal B "is" at 1000,0. The entrance to the netherworld is still beside the nether temple.

We enter portal B & when we come back to the overworld we are teleported to portal A's location AND portal A has been completely rebuilt.

Just for experimentation I will travel an additional 1000m's and construct yet another portal just to see if this behavior continues.

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