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Anyone care to check out my world?


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just my little off time project, but i have put rather alot of effort into it as the whole thing is legit, and i do want to share my creation :)


IC2- power station

IC2- machine shop

IC2- crossbreeding station

EE- Condenser (mk2),

EE- Tools

Mystcraft- worlds, and world crafting station

ThaumCraft- Research station

Massive farm

I plan to build much more including BC implements, a BC/IC2 combustion engine power plant, much more ThaumCraft, more mystcraft implements (ie, world portal room).

please check it out and give me your feed back on what you think, where i should take it, what else you think i should implement, or play it and take it in your own direction, and show me what you've made of it.

any and all feed back and/or *helpful* criticism is much appreciated :)



Out Side (including: power station, cross breeding station, farm, and condensor)


inside the anti-chamber/storrage area of my house


Top level on the macine shop.

Download link:


Its in .Zip Format


-the second floor of the house is the ThaumCraft floor, in order to access it you need to input the proper passcode into the computer, the pass code is "thaum"

-The mystcraft world on the stand in the best one (hence the name "epicness"). it has a starfissure in it, so dont worry about being stuck there.

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