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help with IC machines


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So, i feel like i am relatively experiences in the realms of EE but I want to learn a little more about the IC machines but i get a little confused in places.

I would like to know which machines upgrade to what:

ie. Electric Furnace -> Induction Furnace

and even if this is an upgrade because overclockers can make the electric furnace run super quickly...

but also i would like to know what machines use what power

as far as i know there is low medium and high voltage so...

what uses low what uses medium and what uses high voltage?

one last question, if most of my current machines run on low voltage but i wanted to upgrade the storage capacity of my batbox, is the only option to upgrade to MFE with a lv transformer under it?

transformers do seem to be a good fuse though to prevent blowing all your machines...

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