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[1.1.1] FLETCHER PLAY SERVER | 80 Slots | OPEN | Survival PVE | GriefPrevention | Core Protect | No Lag | 24/7

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Join Fletcher Play Server and immediately start playing! Initially claim up to 4096 blocks with grief prevention and enjoy playing with your friends and others on the server! This is a non-PVP survival server! Check out the video below for an intuitive look into the gameplay of the server!

IP: fletcher.amplegaming.com




Site: Ample Gaming

Buycraft: Ample Gaming Buycraft



1. Be respectful

2. Be ethical

3. Use common sense

4. No spamming

5. No hacking/cheating

6. No advertising

7. No asking for free stuff or ranks


Banned Items:

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm

Destruction Catalyst



Sticky Dynamite

All Mining Turtles

Mercurial Eye

Red Matter Hammer

Red Matter Morning Star


Server Specs:

Intel Xeon E5-1630v2 @ 3.70Ghz 

8GB DDR4 2133Mhz ECC Dedicated RAM

Unlimited SSD Storage

1 Gbps Connection

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Nice Server! I have not encountered any lag and as Dekenusthefallen mentioned, The border Torches are not protected. You should fix that. anyway, i'm already building a house, i like the 4096 blocks to start off with. also, very generous /kit stuff!

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