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Nuclear Nerfing, and why I believe an addition would be great.

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Most big servers have ee disabled all-together due to the amount of wealth one may stack, but i've noticed something worth mentioning.

I can build a single chamber reactor with more power output than a "safe" Mk1 with a fifth of the resources.


assuming you rushed a philly stone, and have a tablet/klein star already, and basic machines.

-get the resources for collectors and establish a world anchor. surplus mine for extra diamonds with an alchemy bag.

-liquidate all earnings by maceration and burn the dust in the tablet

-after you can afford one extra mk2 collector, which will take an hour of mining and you will have 4 ofther mk2's at this point so it won't hurt.

use your tablet to expediate what would normally be hours of smelting and pain into about 15 minutes of easy mode resource pulling from your pull of 100k+ emc

The result will be about 15-20 minutes of item processing and then a single chamber reactor.

Now what?

focus into a compressor and a pneumatic tube or two.

then put some cash down for some timers

pull a few uranium/ extract to cell

assign as the following

Collector with an interdiction or glowstone on it, condense to ice.

Compresser with tubes leading directly to the reactor.

put a switch on the reactor to turn it off so you don't kill yourself.

fill about 3/8's of the chamber with ice, the rest with cells.

place 3 timers and set them refresh at max speed.

place 1 triple insulated steel wire and and your mfsu. make it emit redstone when full behaviour if you wish, leading back to the reactor shutting it off when not in use.

bam. you have a minimalist MK3 Reactor with less space and resource expenditure than any other.

Obviously, this needs nerfed because one could really easily (and safely) put this ~3x5x3 arrangement in the upper level of the house. So I propose a new complexity to nuclear power.

Radiation Sickness.

plating, and inventitive positioning is the key that started this power source in the first place.

why not add a level of depth that forces players away from ridiculous compositions like the one mentioned above?

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Guest Ysharma

i copied it over to pages then changed the font color, ive always wanted radiation sickness, *accidentally drop some uranium in an enemies house*

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