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Cheap Shot

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Do you have an adventure map you want to share? Perhaps a tutorial map? Maybe you just want to share a really cool build. You can do it here. Even if the map doesn't use technic or tekkit or Yogbox etc. Just be sure to say what mods are needed.

At the moment there's no standard format for OP's, but please do put effort into your posts. We won't punish you if you don't, but people wont bother with your maps, and that's a punishment in and of itself.

Suggestions for a good OP

  • [li]Talk about your map. What makes it special/useful/interesting/exciting/etc?[/li]
    [li]Post screencaps of the map. This is a MUST.[/li]
    [li]Use a good host to upload your map like www.mediafire.com[/li]
    [li]Provide links to the mods needed to run your map. Something like this could really make the difference between people playing your map or not if you aren't just using a modpack.[/li]

Good maps will be stickied, so it's in your interest to try and catch our attention in your thread.


  • [li]No misleading links. - Your link better direct people to what you say it does, or else you'll be banned. No exceptions. Please report any poster who breaks this rule ASAP.[/li]
    [li]No adf.ly - This is just as against the rules here as anywhere else on these forums.[/li]
    [li]Say what mods are needed to run the map. Or what version of a modpack.

That's it until further notice.

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