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Randomly Block destroying


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I and my friend are playing on our own Server.

We are playing and having a nuclearreactor (2 uran zells , over 10 Stacks ice(with auto refill)) runing after about 10 min we look for it and our Mk3 charingbench, 1 timer, 1 Energy Condenser, 4 reinforced glass(or so :D i dont know th name correctly) were gone! Why ? pls help we dont want to cheat ous these things so im asking is it possibel that a Enderman grift these things or the reactor overheated ( not realy possible) or somthing else.

Sorry for my bad English its not my netaive language ;D

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What he means is that the chambers are randomly breaking off, all the chambers need to be in the same chunk/loaded chunk that the reactor is in or it will not detect it and simply "detatch" as it does not think there is a reactor. tl;dr put the reaction and chambers in the same chunk and keep it loaded

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