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Hello! I have a problem relating to sorting where I use a orange paint brush on pneumatic tube connected to a sorter but it's not working. I am trying to upload a screenshot, but it says the file is too big. How can I upload a picture via Technic Forums to give you more information.

Never mind, here's the photo!

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Your sorting machine looks jammed. This can be caused by a few things. first, it may have an item it doesn't recognize or cannot output. Checks what mode your sorting machine is in, i would recommend the one that creates a new color option under it. If you have that mode active, the sorting machine will sort any item that comes int it. If that item is recognized, it will be painted a color of your choice and put into your tube system. If the item is not recognized, it will be painted another color (defaults to white) and put into your tube system. Your other problem could be that the machine doesn't recognize any valid inventories. Check that all your tubes are connected correctly.

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