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  1. What error is it? You're not giving us much to go on here.
  2. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Can't update my friend's mods right now, but it works for the server! I has already tried to update those mods on the server, but i must have been using the wrong version.
  3. With a distribution pipe you can make all the items divide between furnaces equally.
  4. A distribution pipe seems like your best bet here. I'm curious though, why do you need your items sorted that way?
  5. I'm not sure how you would do this, but could you set up a command to constantly wipe the inventory of everyone in a certain radius around spawn? You could make a giant wall around it with various entrance points to warn players that their inventory will get wiped past that wall, and ender chests near every entrance for them to store their stuff if they want to go into spawn.
  6. Can confirm, this will definitely take up your time. There are guides online, but i would recommend figuring it out yourself. I finished making mine last week, and you get such a sense of accomplishment when you see it make the first HV array. The only problem is, it spams your server console with [INFO] slotChanging(), which lags the server.
  7. Not in the game, but you can change the maximum size in the MFFS config.
  8. A few LV arrays should power your machines fine. I would make those, as they are equivalent to 8 solar panels in a single block. Be aware that solar panels don't generate energy if there is a solid block above them or if it is night. If you haven't already, use a batbox to store your excess energy. In the early to mid game, i would recommend geothermal generators instead or solar panels. All you have to do is pump a lava pool into them. One bucket of lava gives you about 20000 Eu, which should cover all your energy needs.
  9. Your sorting machine looks jammed. This can be caused by a few things. first, it may have an item it doesn't recognize or cannot output. Checks what mode your sorting machine is in, i would recommend the one that creates a new color option under it. If you have that mode active, the sorting machine will sort any item that comes int it. If that item is recognized, it will be painted a color of your choice and put into your tube system. If the item is not recognized, it will be painted another color (defaults to white) and put into your tube system. Your other problem could be that the machine doesn't recognize any valid inventories. Check that all your tubes are connected correctly.
  10. I have a small server i play on with a few friends, and about a week ago i set up an HV solar array factory. Ever since, my console has been spammed with the message "slotChanging(0)" (without the quotation marks, and with various numbers in place of the 0). I know this is caused by the TubeStuff mod, specifically the automatic crafting table mk2. However, i have not found any way to fix it. It's gotten to the point where the amount of messages is lagging both the server and my computer, if anyone has a fix i would greatly appreciate it.