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I need a Server trailer!


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Hello, i am in need of someone with great skill and experience with making trailers. Our server has lost some members and we want a dramatic increase of new players, and the owner the server and I thought that a trailer would be a good idea to get new players. If you are interested in this gig shoot me a message on Skype. If you are unable to do so, then you can find me on the server. So please if your interested talk to me, and we can discuss the terms.

Thank you for your time!

Our IP: Justplayhosting.com

Skype Username: eggy543

Tekkit IGN: 3ggy543

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I'm not much experienced but I'm learning, so I'm not much of help. But if you want more players I would advice for your server owner to make the server 'Cracked'. He can do so by just making the online mode to false in server properties. Then players with cracked or premium tekkit will be able enjoy your server.

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