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Tekkit to Minecraft. HELP!!!!!


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I have a Tekkit server where I have built an awesome castle. Scince my friends can't playe Tekkit I want to convert my tekkit map to a minecraft map. I moved the map from my tekkit saves to my server's save and it worked allright. But when we come to what used to be a tekkit block my server carshes. I have tried restarts, and other crazy things but I can't get this to work. If any one can help me it would be greatly apreciated.

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if you want them to just see the Castle you made get Worldedit plug in to your server.


once you have that setup type in /wand and make sure you have a free hand, you will get a wooden axe then dig a little under the building at one corner select the corner by left clicking, dont forget to make sure it has all its chests empty and clearly no machines or anything that is apart of the tekkit pack, next go to the oppersite corner and build a dirt tower 2 blocks past the peak of your building and select it with the axe by right clicking, then type /copy

then it will say region copied, then type in /schematic save "name of building" then you have saved ever block in the area you have selected including air.

in your server plugins/worldedit/"nameofbuilding.schematic" you can import to another server with world edit, you should not run into any problems if you do you might have something in the building that should not be there so just delete that block using MCedit.

Good luck.

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