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How to create a mod for Tekkit?

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Hey guys,

I'm sorry if this is documented anywhere but I can't find it.

I'm tying to create a mod for Tekkit, but I have no idea where to start! I've made a plugin or two for Bukkit months a months ago so I have an idea of what to do but I know this is a different beast.

1. What is the difference between a Mod and a Plugin? I assume Mods can create new items in game, which this is what I want to do.

2. What API does Tekkit run off of?

3. Any tutorials out there or a bump in the right direction at least?


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Plugins are written for a server, using the bukkit API (if you're writing it for a bukkit server that is)

Mods are written (usually) for single player using the Minecraft API but alot of minecraft mods have been written with servers in mind.

I believe Tekkit is just all those Mods (IC2, BC2, RedPower) linked together with some programming magic from the technic team, so you wouldn't write a Mod for Tekkit you would write a mod for minecraft.

Finally you need the technic team to actually like it and want to put it in Tekkit, it's not like you can just drop your Mod into a folder and it'll suddenly work

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So I should develop with Bukkit in mind if I'm doing a plugin otherwise if I'm doing a mod develop as if I was working with vanilla. Makes sense.

Would I be able to drop a mod in on my personal server or does Tekkit only work with the default mods and that can't be adjusted?

Thanks for the info.

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