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[1.6.4]Never Bored Again Modpack[Singeplayer/Multiplayer]


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In "Never Bored Again" you can do anything from making factories using the machinery in Minefactory Reloaded and ComputerCraft, or you can tinker with the power armor from Modular Powersuits, and even morph into creatures or other players that you've bested in battle! You can make secret rooms in your house using the SecretRooms mod, and OpenBlocks! Either delve into magic with Ars Magica and Witchery, or go straight to the steel with Tinker's Construct! This modpack truely has no limits to the possibilities, and thanks to Carpenter's Blocks, you can also build to your heart's desires!


The modpack comes preinstalled with our server in the multiplayer section if you wish to play with other people!


My Community Forum Post + How to Install <-- List of mods included

Technic Modpack Listing

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/cZmPjsV

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