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Kenshi - RPG/RTS under development


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So, for those of you who are too lazy to get your bums over to FTB and read this thread here,

I've decided to make yet another one in this forum.

First to make things clear: This is NOT a warcraft clone! You can't build a barrack and hire cloned henchmen to build an army. You wont start with a hero that can acquire magical swords that fire lightning from caves of monsters!

So, there is NO fantasy in this game (except for the fact that every NPC acts a bit like a samurai),

are we clear on those points?

So, you start in a fallout-ish town in the midle of a gigantic desert. The entire map is 400 square kilometres, all free roaming and open map!

There is very little character-looks options, yet. You can't make a female character :(

You start with 1000 coins, that you can either buy armour or weapon, or hire a companion.

Combat is very simple, you highlight your party (or character) and right click on a enemy, then enjoy the fight while zooming in with the camera closer.

All skills are not implemented, but there are Attributes like Strenght and Dexterity.

Weapon skills: Katana, Sabre, Hackers and Heavy Weapons.

Skills like Field-medic, Science, Labouring, Engineer, Athletics, Melee attack and Melee defence.

Most of these skills are self-explanatory to you RPG-fans. The other skills have not yet been fully implemented.

The game holds true to the RPG-feel, wanna be a lonely wolf warrior? Go act crazy in the desert!

Wanna be a wimpy merchant? Go sell your ale barrels, ya sissy!

Be evil? Hire lots of goons and attack cities or raid merchant troops!

The demo that you can try out limits you to only having 2 people to control. The full game? I heard that you can have 100...

I'm not sure if there even is a limit.

Now, I must stress the fact that the game is still under development.

The game is silent, no music or sounds.

Very bland art. The world is huge! You can't expect a forest to pop up without some time and patience from your part.

No history or background to your character.

You can build a base wherever you want, but I havent tried this yet, so the full potential of it is yet to be discovered.

A trailer can show you more than my words.

A final note; why make this thread when one has been done in FTB forums?

Because the author of the game has decided to raise the price for the game after the 0.40 update from 10 dollars to 13 on the home website or 16 on Desura or Gamersgate!

The update will happen in a few weeks...

So if you believe this could be a hit, if you have the slightest crystal ball ability to comprehend the big picture of this game, you SHOULD buy this game now. While it is still cheap.

Homepage to learn more or download the demo, to try this jewel out for yourself.

Edit. I've noticed not many think this might be unique.

Perhaps this linky linky will convince otherwise?

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