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Solar Panel to MFE/batBox help please


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So im fairly new to the tekkit. still trying to figure out how stuff works. I have a bat box that is outputting to 3 electric furnaces. and i have 6 solar panels hooked up to my batBox with 1 copper insulated wire. bassicaly its like this

B= batbox

C= copper wire

P = solar panels





all solar panels are right next to eachother with the wire coming from the front middle solar panel into the batbox. Is that the correct way to do that? im trying to make sure my batBox is charged correctly. AND also i want to do the same with a MFE but i dont konw if it will charge the same? im pretty lost so any information would help



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ok. cause im using the tekkit wiki but it doenst always explain what i can and cant do :/ also what does the EU/t mean? well im assuming it means energy per time but i dont konw the specific measurement :/

ALSO with 6 solar panels to 1 MFE, how many machines is acceptable to hook up to my MFE?

and how fast should it be charging per second? right now im getting 20 energy per second.

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Can someone answer my question about eu/t please? if a batbox can take and put out 32eu/t and solar panels give 1eu/t which i found out is bassicaly 20 energy a second. does that mean that the batbox can take in and output 640 eu a second? or am i doing that wrong?

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Don't think of things as in seconds at all. 32eu/t is 32eu/t

If you're using a crappy computer or server, 20 ticks isn't always 1 second.

straight form the wiki

"EU/t means Energy unit per tick. If the computer or server is able to handle all ingame calculations, the game will operate at about 20 ticks per second. If this is not the case, the clockrate will drop significantly and you will notice ingame time slowdown. If the clockrate is 10, a second in game will last as long as 2 IRL seconds."

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