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Which mods are in Tekkit.jar? I'm trying to upgrade to 1.1 R6


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Hello everyone. I'm just wondering what mods are found in the tekkit.jar file besides the basic bukkit jar? I know modloader, modloadermp, and Forge, but are there any others? I can install them myself, just need to know what to put in there.


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You can do the old comparing file directory size trick. Decompress them both , craftbukkit 1.1r4 and tekkit and place them in side by side folders. Right click org and check the size of the folder in the tekkit.jar vs to bukkit 1.1 r4 jar. if they are the same its safe to rule out as a changed folder (move it elsewhere or delete it or somehow mark it) and move to the next. If its different, leave it until you do all the directories in that level and start going deeper tracking down the same folder. I am sure you got the idea if you can do the other kind of modding. Pain in the ass, but not quite as bad as it sounds.

At least this way you can see what changed. Of course you may be left with just a buch of different sized classes name zz.clas and other weird names that may not help much, but between that and looking up all the listed mods and eliminating the ones that sit elsewhere in the minecraft directories you should be able to get it pinned down.

Bummer but you will probably have to puzzle it out on your own cause I could barely get an answer for what version of the craftbukkit jar it was based on.

Course, thats most likely because it is easy to find out with the /ver command :o as I later learned!

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