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What's your opinion on EE2 Condensers?


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for me, the thing about ee is not that its easy to get items, its not that the items are powerful, (i do like the archagels smite, but thats all) but to my the thing about ee is that ALL THE ITEMS ARE RENEWABLE. without that it would be almost impossible to complete a factory (or whatever) with everything in it. i dont care if i takes 2 mc days per diamond. if you want the whole thing to be mining for resorces, be my guest and play vanilla. and since tekkit is the modpack of automation, it only makes since to be able to atomate it. in short, raise the startup costs, make it take longer, and give me automation. thats tekkit.

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I am a co-owner of a server I like to play on. Me and the owner debated this for a long while and came to the conclusion that we hated the whole system of condensers and "powerflowers". We banned them because we hate the idea that people can just sit in their base and get free mats without doing a speck of work.

We banned all things (Relays, Collectors, and Condensers) because we figured it would extend the longevity of the people on the server. If I do everything there is to do on a server I don't see a reason to play it anymore. Having these things banned provides us with a real sense of who is actually dedicated to our server and who just wants to skip all the work and get everything done fast.

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