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Quick road to 500? - by YoWaddles


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Hey guys! (and girls). if you don't already know; my name is YoWaddles!

I am a youtuber and a fellow enthusiastic Minecrafter.


My youtube channel is family friendly and I try to reach out and be involved in the MC community where I can.


Now on to business.


on the arrival of 500 subs I was planning on realeasing a Minecraft music video parody of Katy Perry - Firework.


However it turns out that we are ahead of schedule on the music video...SO

here is the deal! I want to try and atlease reach the 400 mark before releasing this video.


But for that I need your help. I need you to spread the word where you can. OBVIOUSLY if you dont even like my channel then you have no reason to...so please check it out and see what you think first.


Any way thats about all - thx to everyone that takes up this challenge to get me there. who knows maybe we will reach that 500 befor the end of December :)


Here is my channel:


Minecraft BANG!//YoWaddles - ATM = 355 subs


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