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Why does my MFSU constantly lose power?

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First time poster here! New to Tekkit!

Alright, so I Googled the heck out of this problem, checked the wiki, and didn't find a single answer. So basically I have an MFSU receiving power from 2 medium voltage solar arrays (via glass fibre cable) and 5 windmills. I checked my MFSU earlier (at night) and saw it was draining HUGE amounts of power for virtually no reason. I unplugged the glass fibre cable from it's output side and it was still losing power! While it obviously wasn't receiving power from my solar arrays with it being nighttime, why would it be losing power if absolutely nothing is hooked up to it? Shouldn't it just keep the energy stored normally? This doesn't seem to occur during the day though, my solar arrays produce power normally and the MFSU seems to work fine.

My only explanation was that being new to Tekkit there's likely some bit of info I'm missing. Do MFSUs lose power constantly if not powered? Is this normal? Is there a fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm brand new to these forums so I apologize for not being too knowledgeable with Tekkit, I have only been playing for a week.

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1) 'First time poster here! New to Tekkit!' - Don't do that, it's against the rules.

2) There isn't enough information to answer this question, a snapshot would be nice & is there anything in the mfsu?

1. Erm I don't think you're correct. The rules say "No low effort posts - "Hello I'm new here!" "FIRST POST!" "THREAD IS WIN!" "HELP ME FIND UH SERVER" All examples of why you should have been thrown back." However that wasn't my entire post. It's not like I made an entire thread devoted to the fact that I'm new. I might be mistaken but that seems silly if I can't even mention that. I only did so in the event that this was an easily solved issue that's commonly known here and I look like an idiot.

2. Sorry, I tried to be as helpful as possible. I'm using the most recent Tekkit server version on the front page, 3.1.3. Like I said I have 2 solar arrays connected that were giving it power. I tested having nothing connected to the output and it still lost power, which made no sense to me.

EDIT: So I just got back on my server today and the power was no longer draining. I reconnected it output and disconnected it again and the problem came back! What is going on here?

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A screenshot would be great - someone may notice something that you forgot to tell us.

The MFSU is not connected to anything but the solars and wind mills? Not even next to anything?

Try troubleshooting the problem, disconnect everything from the mfsu (including adjacent dirt blocks etc) and see if it is still occuring. If not, reattach the solars and mills one by one 'til it starts losing power again and that'll be your problem.

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The first step in troubleshooting is to isolate the problem. Head over to Tekkit SSP, creative mode and spawn an MFSU. Connect it with the same things in your setup(couple inputs from windmills and solar panels). If it doesn't drain, you know the problem is somewhere over just in SMP(or maybe even the server you connect to). If it continues to drain, your Tekkit client files are probably messed up and you should re-install.

If it works in SSP, then you should go to your server and remove it(use a lossless electric wrench to get it back). Move it in a different chunk(at least 16 blocks away) and connect all the inputs again.

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