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[TekkitServer] Random unloaded map

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This is a problem which is getting worse everytime.

Randomly, this stuff happens cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2http://imgur.com/cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#0

And this cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#2http://imgur.com/cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#2


or even cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#4http://imgur.com/cNMXa,GFmZR,jkmFT,OIprA,lWCv2#4

So i deleted my map but then....

Again. The same chunk is loaded.

I'm not sure how it even got loaded as it was deleted and i made a new map

Here's a same chunk.


The whole map was deleted!

I'm not even sure how it got there.

I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with my server, but i'm tired of keep resetting my whole god damn map just to make it look better.

If anyone could diagnose and resolve this problem, I would be gratefull.

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