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{DEAD}[1.7.10]Babylon server[PvE][10 slots][whitelisted/private][Magie op zijn nederlands]

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Warning please ignore this Post My server is dead and this modpack is dead too greetz ~Rory

Hello player

my name is Raven ive setup a recently young dedicated server wich is semi 24/7 meaning It has a Shutdown and Start up clocking built in... in wich i dont have to constantly start the server up manually however the server runs on Dutch digital time. meaning server goes off at 1:00 o clock past midnight and turns on automatically inclusive starting the mcserver around 8:00 o clock in morning (warning i dont have the precise startup time). the server is hosted in Netherland

anyways currently i and my older brother are playing on the server and decided to add 5 more players maby 10 depends on ammount of good applications. (i cant guarantee instant acces when you post the app :3 also required age is 16+ (if younger and app is good and we trust you we add you).

our activities will be for example Dungeoneering, Fighting bosses, Supporting each other, n more

Our modpack features the following mods: total ammount mods (87) 

  • Ars magica 2 | Applied energistics 2 | Baubles | Bloodmagic | Bone torches (simple mod quite bony) | Botania | Buildcraft | chesttransporter | Chisel | ComputerCraft |
  • DecoCraft 2 | DefenseTech (quite experimental) | Enchiridion 2 | EnderIO | EvilCraft (fur evilness) | extrautilities | Fastcraft (for optimalization client/serversided) |
  • FastLeafDecay | Fossil Archeology mod | FlaxBeard's Steampower | FTB LIBs | FTB Utilities | Galacticraft | Immersive Engineering (SO IMMERSIVE!) | IndustrialCraft 2 |
  • Inventory Pets | Inv Tweak | Iron Chest | Iskal's Minimobs | Jabba | Journeymap | LootBags (go get looting) | Magical Crops mod | Malisis Doors (animated door opening so FABULOUS) |
  • Mekanism | Metallurgy | Not Enough Items (use recipemode please ) | Open Modular Turrets | Optifine (client sided optimization(turn Terrain animation : False) |
  • Pam's Harvestcraft (Somebody got sushi?) | PetBats (make Useless Bats into Fighters) | Platforms | Rails of War | Roguelike Dungeons | Schematic (srs youre that bad at building?) | Shadersmod (useonly with good pc(must Provide packs yourzelf))
  • ShipsMods | Tinkers Construct | The Betweenlands | Ultimate Unicorns mod | Warp Drive (you will have to find out yourzelf) | Weapon Case loot | Witchery | Yalsm (makes useless Rotterflesh Great again!). Excluded The coremods from this list cuz its a dependency.


  • EasyWarp (New)


  • have respect for others
  • Dont ask for OP
  • dont be an D***
  • Dont grief
  • No PvP  (pvp is on but dont pvp without both parties agreeing)
  • Dont steal
  • watch your language! (however swearing is allowed please keep a border on it)
  • No Xray
  • Have Fun!
  • be mature
  • Get a blast of magic
  • No lagg clocks/machines/farms etc
  • Dont grief the spawn village! (we got Gates in walls with path's leading to em)
  • Keep your distance from spawn
  • Enter Dungeons at own risk

Interested? See app below please post it in a reply and answer srs! questions wich have * mark are required!


  • *IGN :
  • *Age :
  • Where are you from:
  • *Do you have Discord?:
  • so yes whats your Discordname:
  • if not What will your discordname be:
  • *Past builds (use a website and make a album for example use Imgur etc):
  • *a lil bit about yourzelf:
  • *Are you familliar with mods? if yes wich mods?:
  • *Why would we allow you to join us:
  • what are your plans for when you join te server:

once you have been accepted you will be provided with support/modpacklink/serverip/Discordserverlink.

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10 hours ago, TheCombatCA said:

Are you still accepting members?

Good morning /gevening/gafternoon

i indeed take till members but my server broke :( due to a terrible Sleeper script bug.... and this modpack Pretty DEAD.... U can however Find my new modpack on Curse... Called CreepTastic... in them mean time im looking for a way to fix my server machine....



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