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2.0 possible chunk loading block problem?

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hi Folks,

I've got a server with a number of chunk loading blocks. For the most part, it works but I have a hunch about a lag issue that is happening after people have been off the server for a while.

The automatic sorting system dumps unwanted blocks in lava.

On logging in on experiencing this lag, I happened to be in the area.

I heard a lot of blocks being killed in lava and after a while, the lag cleared up.

The question is this ... when a chunk has a chunk loading block in it ... and there is no one on the server ... does the server still process blocks which hit lava, or are they left "spawned" until the system clears them up?

I went back to 2.0 after this lag situation happened in 2.1.1 - but I might have to remove all the chunk loading blocks and let the system stop completely when there is no one on the game.

Many thanks for any opinions on this.

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This lag happens to me as well. For my server just all the items fall out of the pipes and I have have 2 reactors so it is even a bigger problem. Not only does it cause extreme lag but also the chance of a giant crater

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I am experiencing the same issue as well. I placed chunkloading blocks in the chunks i have my machines in: arboretum, logger,sugarcane harvester (forestry), miner, geothermal generators (ic2), pipe sorting system (bc)

When i enter a chunk with such a block in it the client starts to freeze

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