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Quarry question


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Hello, I have a simple question. Does the quarry work when there is nobody logged in on the server? Or more precisely - is the terrain in the vicinity of quarry "rendered"?

I am wondering about this because of the situation I have encountered. When I logged in I found tons of stuff laying under the pipeline (somewhere in the middle between the quarry and the chest). So much in fact (3300 entities) that MC client froze every time I logged in and I had to delete those entities in MCEdit.

If so, can I either disable the quarries or extend the amount of terrain rendered even when nobody is logged in?

Sorry if I failed to search for an answer if it was posted before.

Edit: wow, just found out about chunk loading blocks. But still, If someone can explain to me why this weird problem happened, I'd appreciate it.

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You could try placing chunk loading blocks around the quarry to keep it loaded, however I have had problems with my machines not functioning correctly when nobody is online, even if there are chunk loader blocks. What I did was put a lever on the redstone powering the combustion engines that are running the quarry, then flip the switch before logging off. You can even use wireless redstone so you can do it from anywhere.

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