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Recent Update = No Iron?

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I recently re-rolled our Tekkit server using the latest zip, and we've noticed a drastic lack of any classic minecraft minerals in the map - oddly enough, we're finding more diamond than we are finding Iron.

Anyone else having this problem, or did we just get a crappy seed? :o

You just picked a crappy mining spot. A single seed will not generate the same amount of ores in every area of the map. That would have been a bad idea on Mojang's end.

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I'd never post this if it was just a single spot. This is over a several chunk radius, which is why we were slightly alarmed. We're also not seeing very many tekkit-mod ores either.

Could you post a list of plugins and any mods you added/removed from the pack?

Try this. Download WorldEdit and type these commands:


//outset 1000


Then take a screenshot and post the results of //distr on here.

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