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Buildcraft quarry question


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I am unsure if this operating correctly or not. If this is how it is supposed to operate then is there a way to fix the problem?

So, the problem.

I'm really liking the quarries atm as i havent played with BC all that much. Only thing is that they do not return items that are non vanilla. Like gems, copper, tin etc.

TL;DR BC quarries, non vanilla ores possbile?

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Just to confirm what theprolo said.

I can't recall ever my BC quarries leaving behind anything at all. other than water and lava blocks.

Out of interest, how are they not returning non vanilla items. Are they in In broken blocks on the floor, or left in position ?

Iv'e never seen either happen but your answer might help work out what's wrong.

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See, i thought it was strange! I actually just mines them out, presumably to cobblestone. I did half expect this world to be bugged as i had quite a bit of trouble transferring it over. The ores are spawned i am just unable to retrieve them with the quarry. I shall start a new world and report back

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