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[1.2.9g] Tekkit By Gametastic [Clans | Economy | Dynmap | Land Claim | 100 Slots]


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Server Address:  tekkit.gametastic.us


Our Tekkit adventure started with Tekkit now called Tekkit Main, that was a long time ago but we love Tekkit 


Server Features:

> Hosted in USA in a Data Center on a Dedicated Server.

> Online 24/7.

> Land Protection with Grief Prevention

> PvP and PvE, Clans.

> Economy: Server Shops , Players Market, Vote Rewards.

> Few restricted items (details below)

> Optimized for minimal lag.

> Turtle's and Quarry's are 100% safe to use.


Disabled Mods:
Redstone in Motion - Used a lot for grief, protection bypass.


Restricted Items:
Matter Cannon - Applied Energistics - Protection bypass.
Needlegun - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass.
SPAMR Launcher - MineFactory Reloaded - Protection bypass.
Sacred Rubber Sapling - MineFactory Reloaded - A huge tree
Plastic Bag - MineFactory Reloaded - Item Dupe Bug;
Lux Capacitor - MMM Powersuits - Only restricted for block place for protection bypass.
Creative StrongBox - Thermal Expansion - Item duplicator.
Florb - Thermal Expansion - Protecion bypass.
Confiscate Module - MFFS - Can steal players inventory's.
Anti Personnel Module - MFFS - Killing players and stealing items.
Desintegration Module -MFFS - Block Grief
Sponge Module - MFFS - Fluid Grief



Some of our major plugins:

Group Manager


The Community

Gametastic is a Minecraft Community founded on March 2016, first started with a tekkit server now called Tekkit Main. Now after more then 1 year we learned a lot and we try to provide as good and as advanced servers as possible. We also have a community forum where you can post problems on our servers or if you need any help.


Join Us Now

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Joined the server to day, my first views on the server is they seem to know what they are doing, they are really friendly greeting us all unlike other servers they dont just ban everything. I feel my stay on this still is going to be enjoyable 

Thank you

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I joined about 3-ish days ago on this server and i really love it! The staff are really nice and friendly, plus they help with anything you need! The community of the server is also really helpful, if you need any help with resources, just ask! You would have to pay them in-game money which is really easy to come across with the jobs plugin and voting!



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I have been playing on this server for about 2 weeks now and it runs very smooth even on wifi. The staff here are very helpful and I not found any bugs with any of the mods yet, and there are very few items banned.



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