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Fusion reactor Core


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Over the past several day i have been working on a nuclear fusion reactor plant. it contains all the shizzle that a real life fusion reactor plant would have ( rows of observation desk, offices, server rooms) that sort of this. this project is absolutely huge with nuclear bunkers, minecart escape systems and contamination protocols. see if you can find them all. The name i give to the plant, CHERBOBBLE

Download Instructions:

1. Download the following map. http://www.mediafire.com/?g4g5hb6483rdrya

2. go to '%appdata%' then '.techniclauncher'

3. go to 'tekkit' then 'saves'

4. paste the map in here (it will be still be compressed)

5. open the compressed map and paste the regular file into saves.

6. Enjoy



I really hope you enjoy exploring all this map has to offer


play on peaceful

dont break blocks

comment if you need help

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