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An error occured while attempting to reach authserver.mojang.com


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Hey guys I'm a new pc gamer and I've been wanting to play some Minecraft with my friends and they have been playing this modpack called pixelspark-pixelmon and in order to play this modpack they gave me instructions to download the technic launcher in order to download it from there and the download went successful and everything was working up until the part to where I had to login and it gave me a popup saying "An error occured while attempting to reach authserver.mojang.com" and I started looking around the internet and I found forums on technicpack and I saw things such as make sure your java is updated and or you have java and make sure any firewalls or anti viruses weren't blocking that connection with mojang servers and of course I am a computer wiz but nothing was working and I was of course stuck in this situation for a good 3-4 days and I absolutely just gave out and decided to take a shot at the forums and see if anyone knew about a solution or anything in common and I came here ASAP because after me buying almost a $30 account I want to find a solution quickly with the help of the technic community! So please any help is greatly appreciated and also here is the screen shot of the popup and I am happy to do anything that could help this situation that is safe!


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how could the download of the modpack have been successful if you couldn't log in through the launcher in the first place?

It's like saying you drove a car and the driving went well except you couldn't find the car keys?

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