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[3.1.2] Tekkit Univserse [NoPVP][50 Slots][No banned items]


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Hello there!

Before I start talking about what the rules are and the requirements to join. I'd prefer to talk about why I started this server. A friend of  mine and I were looking for a server to play on, nothing special, just making factories etc. This is when we realised pretty much all servers have banned items, rank limitations etc. That is the reason why I am opening this Whitelisted server for tekkit players. In this server players can just play together without having to look out for other players raiding your base.

Server IP:


  • No Pvp
  • No Griefing
  • Be nice to other players :)


Please make a post under this thread where you answer the following information:

  • IGN:
  • Age (For maturity reasons):
  • Why you would like to join:

I hope to see you on the server o/


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40 minutes ago, ExtheroTM said:

IGN: Exthero

Age: 32

Reason: Just looking for a server to play on and enjoy the game without the hassle of PVP.

Accepted. I will whitelist you when I get back home (around 20-30 mins)

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I dont know if it's to late to ask but i have to try.

Ign: Mysticsurfer

Age: 13 (almost 14, please don't judge me just because I'm young, i am still mature)

Reason: I want to be in a server with a good community without worrying about people stealing from me (that was a huge problem in the server i used to play in)

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