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server crashes



so yesterday i had update for ubuntu server and since that update my server crashes. I tried starting server from 0 but same error. plz help.

I am using 32 bit version. java updated from 144 to 151

plz help

here is crash report: https://pastebin.com/s0WNWRSZ

the same error appears when i started clean install with no modifications

i copied all server files to my main PC and servers runs with no problems

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First of all, you should use 64 bit Java, update it to the most recent update and allocate more RAM to your server, that'll make it run way better.

Your error comes from the Bluepower mod:
 UCHE    bluepower{0.2.962} [Blue Power] (BluePower-1.7.10-0.2.962-universal.jar)
It creates an error on startup. 

Are you missing a Core Mod? Is this an unstable release of Bluepower? Is it the latest version?

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