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Tekkit server issue help please

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i start my server up and it completes everything and says : done <4.924s> for help type "help" or "?" NlOfc.jpg&w=688&h=550&ei=7KjVUIWaOeid0AWand then i go onto tekkit and my server says no connection then i try and join my server and it comes up with " Failed to connect to the server" connection timed out: connect ConnectionTimedOut.png&w=396&h=312&ei=rK . But it even though it does say no connection it still allows me to connect to it and play on it very rarely.

please can someone help

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Please don't link to google results with images. Seriously, why do people always do that? Also, you should post this in the bug report section.

Anyhow, check your server properties. Make sure your port is set to 25565 and the server IP is left blank. Then connect to your server by connecting to or localhost.

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