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Transmutation Table Troubles


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Hey, so, I've been using the transmutation table for a bit now. It was working fine at first on my private server that I use to play with friends (dev build). However, when I joined a public server and used it on there (recommended build) it wasn't showing up with the dusts if I put a dust type into the right hand side (The centre slot). To make things worse this is no longer working on my own server now...

(Also, I used dusts as an example, it also doesn't work with fuel or plant items either + some ingots don't show up)

Not sure if this is a bug so I didn't put it over there. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer help and/or advice.

Additional info: When I put different dusts and fuels into the table it shows me different things for each type, but here is an example:

Glowstone dust shows me

  • [li]clay[/li]
    [li]flint and steel[/li]
    [li]iron ingot[/li]
    [li]iron dust[/li]
    [li]gold nugget[/li]
    [li]fermented spider eye[/li]
    [li]jack 'o' lantern[/li]
    [li]covalence dust (dark blue)[/li]

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Sounds like you have the table locked to matter and are trying to make fuel. If you weren't aware, the table locks you into a type when you are transmuting. If you burn iron for example, you can't turn it into coal or redstone because those are fuel. There are ways to get around this, such as sucking the emc into a klein star.

It may explain it better here: http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/Transmutation+Tablet

Short answer: Stick a klein star into the left side to fix it.

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