Hey my sounds dont work in tekkit classic? Like the sounds when u destroy, place and so on. The only sounds i get is the weird noises and the music kinda. Wind, bird singing. I cant hear Mobs, or when i walk.

Tekkit Launcher - 3.1.2 (recommended)

Minecraft version: 1.2.5

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I too have this bug. No vanilla minecarft sounds. you can press f7 to disable the bird and water noises. i even got a philosophers stone and charged it up for the sound effect. all the modded sounds work as far as i know, but all the vanilla sounds are gone. 

On 3/13/2018 at 0:24 PM, JaariAtmc said:

The server mojang uses to allow you to download all the sound files for any MC version ranging from 1.5.2 to the oldie alpha versions is returning HTTP 403's

And what does this mean? is there a config we can change to make tekkit download from the right.. server/http/ wherever the hell the sound files come from?

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