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Offline Modpacks No Fixes So Far


     So recently I was using the launcher and after I searched about ten different words, I could no longer search and all my modpacks went offline. I tried every fix i was able to find so far but to no avail. From reinstalling to changing files, nothing seems to work. Does anyone know any other possible fixes?

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you most likely got ratelimited by the search, which puts your launcher in a temporary offline mode.

Our search on the launcher isn't perfect, as soon as you type the very first letter - let's say Tekkit - it will search ALL modpacks on the Platform that starts with the letter T.

Do a lot of searching with different words and you eventually stress the search engine (for lack of a better word) and it locks you down.

The only solution is to leave the launcher alone, much like you leave an overheated engine off. Close the launcher and do something else for 60 mins. Come back after that and see if it works, if not and the issue persists, come to our Discord and report the issue in our tech-help channel

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