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Unable to launch modpacks with 64 bit java


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Recently installed the complex gaming - pixelmon pack on Technic and realized I can't launch it when the java version is 64-bit but I can launch with 32-bit. I'm using a new laptop so I thought it may be because of Java 8 so I tried to change it to Java 7 but it still doesn't work. I have also tried to delete the .technic file and reinstall but it still doesn't work. The launcher basically runs it and when completed, it doesn't do anything. 

Is it a common thing or am I the only one there with this issue??? Any help would be much appreciated!

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32- bit restricts you to 1gb ram.

64- bit does not. Keep it to 64 and make sure you allow between 2 - 4 ram to the launcher. 

That's all the help I'm gonna give, as we dont support Pixelmon here.

And Off topic is neither for custom pack or technic launcher bug reports.

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