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Can't obtain barrier blocks


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My friends and I play on an AotBT server (me being the owner/operator) and I want to block off some areas with barrier blocks so they can't get to them. I've tried using "/give", but the ID for barriers is the same as the ID for the "Origin Grass Block". Is there a way I can get barriers using a different method?

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15 minutes ago, Doctor_Pike said:

You might be able to use /give [player name] minecraft:barrier but that might have not have been implemented yet in that version of minecraft. Sorry I couldn't help more.

I have tried this, with no avail. Thank you though.

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10 hours ago, JaariAtmc said:

In which MC version are barriers added? And which MC version is Attack of the Bteam?

Use Magic Pencil instead.

Wow, I feel stupid. Barriers were added in 1.8 and Attack of the B-Team is in 1.6.4. Thanks for the help, I'll be sure to try the Magic Pencil.

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