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plz help issues when playing


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Hello guys I'm new here and actually new to playing any Modpack decided I would do it for my channel and I thought I would start with the first Modpack I ever watched and that's big dig I have actually 9 gigs of RAM for of it allocated to Minecraft to the Modpack launcher actually but still same thing I have a MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti overclocked installed in my computer as well and my processor is a Phenom II X4 820 when I am playing the game whether it be just playing or playing and recording the game will randomly at certain times completely lock up and will stay that way forever until I close the game and restart it it's always a random amount of time the longest I've been able to play as maybe 25 minutes I got a full episode out of it but it happens everytime sometimes within minutes of starting the game not sure what's going on

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