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I remember when I was little and I watched the Yogscast Lewis and Simon Jaffa Factory Series. It struck me as amazing how people could work together so well for so long. I was truly jealous of everyone they were playing with because I wanted to be there. But now, I want to create my own world with some cool people or just 1 person to have fun on a Tekkit Classic Server. Please contact me at [email protected] if interested. 

Thanks! ;)

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image.png.703d1df73e19f0ba788822e7acb635b2.png you should've been on this section, not the Tekkit (space) one. https://forums.technicpack.net/forum/10-tekkit-classic-discussion/

There are pinned topics like these

where you can post to look for people. It's also highly recommended that you post something about yourself. Atleast what timezone you're in and whether or not you can host the server.

This gets locked

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