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Needing Step by step help please for MULTICRAFT SERVER

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Ok volt folks can you please post a step by step for multicraft. I'd love to setup up a 200 player server for voltz instantly if i could get a down and dirty for multicraft running it. I mean i'm goofing with it at the moment ut kinda pulling my hair out. oh another thing why didnt you just have an already editd mine.jar file instead of forcing folk to learn how to open a jar and add files??? maybe label it volt.jar or something (then i could pull the same thing as i do to run a tekkit server)

Also which version 1.2.5 or 1.4.6 jar am i using... really annoying when ppl are like here oh and figure it out instead or just doing a quick step by step for dummies.(not cause we are dummies but because sometimes brains go...bleh on parts)

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To do this you need to be able to use custom jar files from the multicraft control panel.

Download the server from this link: https://github.com/Universal-Electricity/Voltz-Mod-Pack/archive/master.zip

Open the file called 'Server'

In this release you need to remove mystcraft from the mods folder as it crashes the server on startup.

Upload everything inside 'Server' to your server.

Create a folder called 'jar' and drag 'UE-Mod-Pack-V1-Server.jar' into it.

In the multicraft control panel, insert 'UE-Mod-Pack-V1-Server.jar' into the custom jar config option.

After this you just need to start your server. Unfortunately Multicraft does not hook 100% onto forge servers so the server will be forever 'starting' but will still be fine. All scheduled tasks and other functionality seem to work fine.

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