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Technic Launcher launches only with 32 bit Java



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for anyone coming to all these years-old threads looking to fix this problem, what helped me is updating whatever version of java i'm using WITHOUT uninstalling the previous version that technic was recognizing, opening the technic launcher, navigating to launcher options and changing which version of java to use. from here i was able to change my ram from 1gb to 4gb perfectly fine.

i have never had java 32bit installed. for whatever reason the technic launcher ran just fine with my 8.231 version of java 64bit, but upgrading to 8.381 made it unable to run. many people in other threads here and on reddit said to uninstall the previous version and keep the latest version, but the only thing that worked for me was having both versions and just switching which version to use within the technic launcher.


this thread may also be of some help for people experiencing similar problems if you're willing to do registry editing. i did everything in the thread below ncluding changing all the directories and stuff, and then installed both an older version of java 64 and the latest version, and i was able to run tekkit 2 just fine.



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