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Tekxit 3 failed to get file

Level 420 Pepe

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My friend has been trying to download Tekxit 3 and RLCraft, but keeps getting the same error message: "failed to get file for the following pack:" for any modpack they try to download. I didn't see a tekxit specific forum, but I suppose this is more of a technic launcher problem in general. Neither of us know how to fix it, and she really wants to join the server that all my other friends play on. Is there any way to fix this?

We already tried going to the modpack folder to delete everything in the cache folder (it was already empty) 
I believe they have already restarted their computer to try and fix the problem as well which didn't work
All the other forum posts I found on google were from back in 2014 and stay without a proper answer. 

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this is the section for Tekkit modpack. If you post here, you post questions or discussions about Tekkit modpack only.

Issues or discussions about modpacks not made by Technic team can be directed at Platform Pagoda or its modpack creator(s).

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