Custom modpack fails to load

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I have just recently created myself a modpack for minecraft 1.7.10. Everything was going okay until I tried to open the modpack via technic and it wont open. When ever I try to open it the mojang screen pops up and starts downloading the mods but closes a little before completing and opens the technic launcher again. Please help as I really want to create a modpack for me and my friends  (possible others) to play with. I even tested the mods to work on official minecraft w/o technic and it worked fine.

This is the download link of my modpack:

Here's link to modpack:

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16 hours ago, BloodDragon64 said:

Okay well maybe this will help give an idea of what might be messing up for me. whenever it closes to the launcher i see a crash file: 

crash-2019-11-30_14.32.28-client.txt 8.42 kB · 1 download

actually nvm it worked now somehow. thanks for taking the time to look at it though


That's you using 32bit java and thus only allocating 1 GB RAM. That's not enough anymore since about 1.5.2 for modded minecraft.

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