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Save file issues upon upgrading mods


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Hello, im here cause im having some issues with a modpack ive made. Its old but ive updated it and its ran perfectly fine since. The other day i decided to update all of its mods to their latest version, proceeded to play for a while completely fine. 

Skip to the next day and now my save has massive issues. 99% of the time it goes back to the main screen of minecraft and nothing happens, and when it doesnt, blocks dont work. They break visually but nothing drops, and when it does it takes absolute ages to be picked up. Just extreme lag overall. 

Any idea of what couldve happened literally from one day to the other? I do have a slighty older save file but i didnt really want to have to go so far back, was wondering if theres some files i could switch between them to fix it up.

Any help is appreciated!

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