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Space Station 13


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Hello all, I would like to introduce you to a game... Off the beaten track. A game that is highly complex, and insane, and goddamn fun. First, read the wiki here: http://autisticpowers.info/ss13/wiki/Main_Page

Now, let me explain what the game is about. Imagine 30 or so players on a space station, each taking on roles from scientist to chef to security officer. Each of these jobs has duties to fulfill, certain access to certain parts of the station, certain equipment available to them. The Botanist, for example, has to grow plants to feed the crew. Does this sound boring?

It ain't. Usually, rounds end up being maniacal kill-fests, with botany growing weed, security going mad with tasers, scientists covering the hallways with space lube, mad assistants with vuvezaelas.... And that's before we add in the antagonists. These are players with objectives to fulfill. Stealing the captain's hat, or killing a certain person. Their PDA has a secret uplink from which they can get cool items. A revolver, a pack of explosive cigs, and many other things. And that's only one type of antagonists. Aliens, vampires, changelings, whatever the admin felt like at the time...

Speaking of admins, they are a cool bunch.

Of maniacs. The admins have tools with which to fuck with the game. Putting you in control of a bannana peel? Setting the station on fire? Meteor showers? It is never the same game.

Now, there are a number of other servers apart from the ' Gibbed' servers ( which are managed by Something Awful goons.) Some of these have enforced roleplay ( Baystation 12 ) or cool mechs and shit ( /tg/ station ) but Gibbed is a good branch for beginners.

Now, if you've gotten to this point, I must warn you of a few downsides. You may be killed randomly. The game is quite complex, read the fricking wiki. If you are bad security, you may be punished. There may be whiny preteens, but other then that they are a funny bunch. Don't state you are a furry/brony or talk about anime. The worst part about the game is the lag. The game uses a shitty engine for online game creation called BYOND. Lag lag lag in this game. Now, for install and how to play the game.

Step 1: Download BYOND here: http://www.byond.com/

Step 2: Set up an account.

Step 3: Go to the wiki, and click on the Gibbed #4 Banner. It should link you directly into a game. ( Gibbed #4 is the less active one and has less griefers.)

So, after all that, who already plays this game? I usually hang around Gibbed #4 as Tim Simmons, and as an A.I I am H.A.X 9000. Share stories and discuss the game in this thead!

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I can profess that this game is actually fun! As long as the nobody decides to flood the atmos pipes with fricken plasma. I would love to see this game develop into something even better than is, like more food recipies and space chems! Also wonder if you could make a 3D of this :3

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Usually Nox or Alium Deathtrap 13. Fear the lord Singulo and god Sarah, she will make you see things :3 Also rarely on teh yogstation but it's very hectic 24/7 there.

One word of warning; Alium has whitelist and you can't be atmosia, only one guy is allowed that because everyone else apparently likes to mix the air with Plasma and so he not trusts them. Oh, and 8 hour shifts result in godly shenanigans. :3

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