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Optifine guide is invalid, how to install?


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The Optifine install guide on the wiki is completely incorrect. It says to download one of two archives, and to

Copy all Files from your Optifine/Bin folder into the modpack.jar 

. There is no such folder in either archive.

So how do I install Optifine for Hexxit?

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This was answered on Discord. For future reference:

Download Optifine from the wiki (which links to optifine site)

Put optifine download in the hexxit bin folder for ease of use

Open modpack.jar with Winrar/7zip/etc.

Open optifine download with Winrar/7zip/etc.

Copy ALL the files/folders from the optifine download into the modpack.jar

Delete the META-INF folder from the modpack.jar Open the minecraft.jar with Winrar/7zip/etc.

Delete META-INF as well

Close all screens

Start modpack


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