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I run a small private Tekkit 3.1.2 server for me and some friends. I decided to do so after finding I really enjoyed how the modpack expanded the potentials of Minecraft in a way I could easily share with my friends who weren't really clear on how to mod Minecraft with all the various mods Tekkit uses on their own.

Overall we've enjoyed it but we just seem to run out of projects and things to do very quickly.

Recently as of a week or two ago, I scrapped our old world and stripped EE2 out of our server install and showed my friends how to disable EE on their client sides because we all agreed EE2 just made the whole process too easy, within a very short time I was pumping out more diamonds and dark matter and red matter than we were ever going to need and this was all done in survival mode with NEI cheat mode disabled...so I figured going at it in a situation where we really had to work for our resources would be more of a challenge.

But really within the space of time since generating the new EE-less world, we're already up to generating UU Matter directly off a nuclear reactor, with central power being provided to all our facilities by a very efficient fuel combustion generator system I designed and in the end we just find ourselves logging in less and less...cause theres just nothing really to do after you hit a certain technological plateau in Tekkit unless, of course you're in some kind of uber hostile environment.

So I guess what I'm asking is what do the people that play Tekkit do when they hit that area where they feel like there aren't any challenges left? When everything has literally become an automatic process and at best you might have to move a pump to keep your fuel reserves topped once a week.

Would love to hear some ideas or advanced projects we could spend our time on. Thanks in advance.

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build a living complex complete with a courtyard pristine living quarters. Have all the buildings and paths marble. and make it huge where it could fit 1 room for every person on your server and make the rooms like something ina hotel that would be awesome! and if you dont mind id love to come play been looking for a small tekkit server to play on.

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