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Necro-ing or Necroing. Pronounced Nee-crow-ing. Verb. The act of performing a "necro". The term is derived from "Necromancer"/"Necromancy" as far as I am aware.

The hyphen is optional, but I personally prefer to use it. Being mainly an internet-use term, it does not have a centrally authoritative figure to define its spelling.

Usage: You necro'd/necroed this thread. Necro-ing things without being on topic is bad.

A "necro" is when you bring an old thread with no recent replies "back to life" by posting in it, much like a Necromancer would do to a dead body. (Esp. when done without a very good reason, like a solution to a problem that was being discussed.) It is frowned upon almost universally on the internet. Many forums have rules against the act, some even automatically lock any threads/topics that are not replied to within a set amount of time.

While necro-ing in and of itself is not technically against the rules here, it is usually somewhat disliked by moderators, and many people have been issued warning points by moderators for doing so without a good reason or being on topic.

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That is one of the most clear explanation of any of the rules I have seen on these forums Byte. I am impressed.

ok, but did u change mny profile pic?

Your profile picture was changed as you accumulated too many warning points (I think it's three to get kellered(Baby faced)). That would not have happened by one necro thread so you must have had other warnings.

Once you have a warning point it will count down 30 days before expiring. That means that if you got your first warning point 20 days ago, it will go away in ten days as then your total count of points would drop below 3. If you have more than three (Something you cannot see but if you PM a moderator and ask very nicely, they may tell you how many you have and when they will expire) then it may take longer. The rule of thumb is that as long as you don't do anything too stupid, 30 days from the last warning point you got within the past 30 days.

Past the Baby face, which is designed as a deterrent of bad behavior, there is a temp ban at 5 points which I forget how long it lasts, then a full ban at a 7(??) points. Try not to get any more if you intend on staying.

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Hey! This is an amasing shoutout to Calclavia for making the best modpack in existence and being the coolest guy ever!

P.S: Try to add an auto miner similar to the quarry from tekkit but made by you because i know that if you make it, it will be awesome :D

P.P.S:Your the best, I can never have enough power :D

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