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Hello Friends

I was wondering if someone could help me to set factions on a tekkit server

The problem is im keeping to fail to set them,It doesn't show prefix and sometimes doesn't show creations or disband of it (it should do it)

So some people told me to go to the Essentials config file and edit the Chat Format to [FACTIONS]

[FACTION] {FACTIONS} {FACTION} and more much combintions.

So my question is:

Is there any other way to edit/fix that bug?

IF you can please add me on skype; igor.gaming. (from russia)

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Ignoring my reply couldn't possibly be a passive aggressive insult because I didn't break the forum rules and bend over backwards to do all the work for your lazy ass.

No, this is obviously a language barrier issue. Here, let me translate my previous message in your native tongue, though I am quite rusty.

Vodka czar KGB siberia vodka.

Kvass, ushanka troika vodka borsh cossack.


Stroganov, borsh siberia?

Vodka vodka cossack?

I do hope that helps.

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Casual racist? I learned my russian from my uncle Jerry. He's a linguistics genius, able to speak any language in the world just by drinking their alcohol. It took years of family reunions to get him drunk enough on vodka for me to learn it all.

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